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According to Germany's own Federal Employment Agency, the country needs over 400,000 skilled migrants to arrive every year in order to feed its demand for labor. There are a number of reasons for this demand, including an ageing population, but the most important driver of employment opportunities is Germany's robust economy.

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100% Residential

Students will stay at FEDAR Campus, Kunjhome, Mananthavady and learn the German language up until the B2 level.

Experienced Faculty

Our teachers are well qualified, experienced and well prepared. They have good knowledge in English as well as in other European languages.

Job Oppurtunity

It's fairly simple to get a job in Germany. There are various areas where eqt2 pmployers look for motivated and well qualified staff.

Sanjoe Scholarship

Learn with Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to the students on a merit cum means basis. The eligibility is decided based on the following criteria:

  • Sanjoe Entrance Exam
  • Reservation Category (SC,ST,OBC & EWS)
  • Previous Year Academic Performance
  • Face to Face Interview

starEligibility of the Merit cum means scholarship is based on the score sheet.

starT& C apply, Management decisions are final.

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Complete beginner

The course will start by introducing you to the German alphabet and work our way up to learning German grammar, Vocabulary, & Conversation.

Grammar:The German Alphabet | Conjugation Of Regular Verbs | The Nominative | Numbers | Gender Rules | Plural | Irregular Verbs | Tips On How To Learn A Language More Efficiently | Compound Words | The Word "es" | Formal Salutation | The Accusative | Word Order Of Main Clauses | Separable And Inseparable Verbs | Modal Verbs | The Dative | Negation | How To Form Questions | Conjunctions | The imperative | Possessive Determiner | Demonstrative Pronouns | Indefinite Pronouns | Temporal Adverbs | Perfect Tense (Perfekt) | Introduction To The Simple Past (Präteritum) | Introduction To The Comparative | Indefinite Pronouns I Dictations I Intermediate exam I final exam

GOALS/LEARNINGS: • Become Fully Competent In German A1 Level • Master The Basics Of The German Language • Learn The Basics Of Conversation In German • Learn German Pronunciation, Speaking, & Writing • Be Able To Confidently Introduce Yourself In German • Be Able To Make An Appointment In German • Be Able To Order Food In A Restaurant In German • Learn To Count & Say Numbers In German • Learn To Read & Write In German

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You have some knowledge of German. You learn how to express yourself adequately in familiar, everyday situations and to read and understand simple texts. Grammar: Imperfect tense, Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Adjective declension, simple Subordinate Clauses, simple Prepositions.

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Your basic German skills are incomplete. You consolidate and revise basic grammar structures, and learn to lead discussions on interesting topics. After completing B1 the student should have a basic command of the fundamentals of German grammar and be in the position to participate in simple discussions and to understand simple texts, including the main points of short press articles. He/she consolidates and revises basic grammar structures and learns to discuss interesting topics. Grammar: Imperfect tense, Perfect tense, Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Adjective declension, Subordinate Clauses, direct and indirect Subordinate Clauses, Prepositions.

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Upper intermediate

You have a command of the essentials of German. You practise reading, writing and discussing difficult topics and work-related issues.The student should learn to express him/herself fluently about a variety of moderately difficult topics and without preparation. He/she learns to express his/her opinion, to state his/her views, to discuss, analyse and interpret simpler texts, to summarize them and give an account of them. The basic grammatical structures are revised again and consolidated on an intermediate level. .

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You have a good command of German. You learn to express yourself clearly both in speaking and writing on a large number of topics and to understand almost all texts. The student has a good command of German. He/she learns to express him/herself clearly both in speaking and writing on a large number of topics and to understand almost all texts.The student must have a good command of German grammar, all tense forms, all applications of the Present and Imperfect Subjunctive, Subordination, Participle Constructions, Prepositions.

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You can express yourself fluently in German. You work on literary, socio-political, cultural and scientific topics. Excellent knowledge of German: problem-free and fluent communication in situations of all kind, understanding of complex written and oral passages of all kind, the ability to discuss complex topics. Comprehensive and sound command of German and use of a large range of language devices.The student must have a very good command of German grammar.The student can express him/herself fluently in German. He/she works on literary, sociopolitical, cultural and scientific topics.

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